Railway infrastructure register

Railway infrastructure register

If an RU wants to use the track network to operate trains, the rolling stock it uses must be compatible with the technical requirements of the railway infrastructure. Under step 2 of phase 2 of the railway reform, Switzerland has adopted the EU Directive on railway system interoperability. This Directive requires each country to publish a railway infrastructure register containing the relevant infrastructure parameters that currently apply and those applicable over the next five years. This register must be regularly updated.

The railway infrastructure register is a database of the technical requirements for each route relating to rolling stock in the subsystems infrastructure, energy, and trackside control and signalling equipment.

Rolling stock manufacturers and RUs can refer to the infrastructure register to determine whether and on which route their current and/or future rolling stock can operate, or to find out what rolling stock specification is needed for a particular route. Confirmation of rolling stock compliance with the infrastructure requirements is a key prerequisite for obtaining rolling stock approval for a given route.

By keeping the railway infrastructure register, the TVS implements the FOT’s requirements. The Swiss infrastructure register (RINF) meets the requirements of the appendix to Implementing Decision 2014/880/EU and is currently being supplemented with additional data in line with the requirements of the new Implementing Decision 2019/777/EU.

It guarantees consistency in the technical and operational description of the infrastructure. It is freely available to anyone requiring details of the railway infrastructure, subject to making a request via an online form. This online source also provides a tool that supplements the infrastructure register by providing an infrastructure compliance assessment of rolling stock for individual routes.

A request to access the register can be made directly via the Online forms.




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