RINF-CH in short

Under step 2 of phase 2 of the railway reform, Switzerland has adopted the EU Directive on railway system interoperability. This Directive requires each country to publish a railway infrastructure register containing the relevant infrastructure parameters that currently apply. This register must be regularly updated.

The application is accessible to all those who need information on railway infrastructure and offers a uniform description of the technical and operational aspects of railway infrastructure. It is available after registration via the electronic form.

When a rail transport company plans to use a section of track to run trains, the rolling stock used must be compatible with the technical requirements of the infrastructure concerned.

Rolling stock manufacturers and transport companies can ask whether and on which line their current or future rolling stock can run, or how the rolling stock must be designed to run on a line. Confirmation of the conformity of rolling stock with the infrastructure requirements is a central condition for the approval of line-specific rolling stock. By autumn 2024, the tool for checking the conformity between rolling stock and infrastructure will also be accessible via this access.

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